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Доступные выплаты по программам

50% Revenue Share
50% Recurring
If you are more comfortable with playing the long game, we have just the thing for you... like sharing 50% of ALL earnings your members bring! By ALL revenue we mean trials, monthly's, yearly's and rebills! It might start with a trickle but with our sexy content it will turn into a waterfall of RevShare goodness!
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Special Discount Offer
50% Recurring
This offer is perfect for you if you run a blog or review site! Attracting members with our 40% OFF discount will bring you 50% long-term recurring revenue for everything they buy!
Pay Per Signup
$30.00 per Join
Pay per signup seems to be the favorite among all you skilled webmasters! By flooding our Join buttons with your quality traffic you will get a one-time commission of $30 for every sale! We will give you the freshest and hottest ad tools to make for smooth sailing!